Walnut Shell

Walnut shell

walnut shell can clear three times the amount of waste before they need to be cleaned. This is possible because walnut shell have the ideal surface structure to filter water through, and their resilience to attrition means that they last longer and provide a level of effluence that is unmatched. Not only do walnut shell make the clean-up easier, they can also be mixed with mud and utilized to resolve circulation and unplug wells in a manner that won’t significantly impact the consistency of drilling fluid.

Turkey Walnut shell

Turkey walnut shell are an ideal blast media for use in pressure cleaning applications at the drill site. They are coarse, but not so hard that they can damage sensitive structures make of fiberglass, wood, or plastic. Plus, since they are not toxic, there is absolutely no risk of silicosis as there is when using silica based blasting media. This increased production also means increased waste that needs to be cleaned in accordance with environmental regulations. This is where walnut shell can lend a hand and treat the wastewater that results from oil drilling.

Walnut shells in drilling

Walnut shell filters are simple and reliable, compared to many filtration techniques designed to remove oil contaminants and suspended solids from water. There are no chemicals, very few moving parts and the walnut shell filter media can be used over and over again. Walnut shell filters can take water with up to 100 parts per million of contaminants and reduce this level to under 5 parts per million. This is cleaner than normal drinking water. This wastewater is filtered through screens containing black walnut shell that remove up to twice as much waste as sand filters.

Walnut shell is environment friendly additive

Walnut shell also serves as an environmentally safe and effective filtration media when separating crude oil from water. As a lost circulation material walnut shell are especially adapted for plugging induced fractures. Walnut shell are also used to reduce torgue and drag of drill pipe and drill collars, especially in high angle holes. Walnut shell are used as a sweep to scour the well bore and tools when sticking clay is a problem.

ATDM company supplies all mesh of walnut shells by international certifications

Walnut shell is used as lost circulation material to combat typical operational problems associated with drilling mud losses. Walnut shells is an easy and efficient solution to lost circulation problems. Walnut shell does not significantly change mud properties and can be removed and perhaps recycled with ease. Walnut shell is available in coarse, medium and fin grit sizes. Utilize normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of standard PPE is recommended for employee comfort and safety. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to use.

Walnut Shell

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