gypsum actually is the most common mineral of sulfates that it has a lot of mines all over the world, however, according to this capacity, ATDM company is one of the main producer and supplier of this mineral and has lots of market in the world gypsum is a matter with high level of usages which according to the expanded it’s fields, this mineral contains different grades and specs that mention in following.

Gypsum Types

Gypsum as it mention, has different grades and also has a lot of applications and it is dehydrate of calcium sulfate (CaSO4.2H2O) which comes from heating the CaSO4 and our company is one of the biggest supplier for this mineral which is the primary substance of drilling mud. the mineral generally seen with white color and is non swelling in water, and also has different yields that it leads to has a lot of usages in variable fields.

Gypsum Packing

Gypsum, in kinds of yields, is available for the customers by ATDM company and it is ready to send this mineral to every spot of the world with every types of packing. Also all of our packing could pass the standards and their varieties are contain 15 kg bags on wooden pallets till 1 ton jumbo bags that according to destination and climate, customer can select his proper packing type. calcium sulfate with different packing, guaranteed  by ATDM to send goods to destination in the least possible time and its safety for shipment.

Gypsum Specification

Gypsum with specifications like different yields, meshing, density, purity and some other components, get differ from each other which all of them are supplying by our company. Gypsum according to it multiple specifications and different grades, ATDM company assuring by some strong certifications and tests like API, exporting this mineral to all over the world.

Gypsum Applications

Gypsum, is one the most useful mineral in different fields somehow that it uses in making medicine until in some industries like water based drilling and because of it expanded usage, it gets to one of our basic goods by high level of customers. It also uses in some other fields like: food stuffs, drilling industries, chemical industries, medicine, concrete making, pre manufactured walls, cooling and humidification, color making, pets food, soil enrichment, sculpturing and decorations, agriculture and lots of other usages which all of them are available by ATDM company for sending and transferring in any spot of the world.


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