ATDM Avizheh Technology

    About us

    Avizheh Technology Development of Middle East (ATDM) or (TDM) is headquartered in Tehran. Mining and processing are located in Kermanshah. At Kermanshah we are operating a network of underground Gilsonite mines and refining plant, and a pulverising plant with multiple capabilities. Our plants have advanced materials handling and packing facilities, storage silos and bins for 8,000 tons of product and a covered warehouse with multiple loading docks. ATDM quality control labs conduct extensive product testing on every order we ship. Currently has about 50 full-time employees, most of them working at the Kermanshah Mine Site, and a worldwide agent and distributor network.

    Avizheh technology and development of Middle East (ATDM) & (TDM)

    Avizheh technology is a large oil exporting and distributing company and was established on 2006 to assume the responsibilities of its predecessor, ATDM that has a history dating back more than 10 years.

    TDM Company with a history to conduct business in 140 countries on every continent throughout the world.

    ATDM department and colleagues:
    Sara Khademian

    Sara Khademian

    Managing director
    Salar Sabbagh

    Salar Sabbagh

    Chairman of the board


    Neda Sharifnia

    Neda Sharifnia

    Sales manager
    Neda Samsami

    Neda Samsami

    Export sales


    Hossein Alipour

    Hossein Alipour

    Accounting department
    Katy moradpour

    Katy Moradpour

    Accounting assistant


    Leila alikhani

    Leila Alikhani

    Domestic sales
    Maryam Emami

    Maryam Emami

    Purchase department


    Ali Mejmarian

    Alireza Mejmarian

    Marketing department