Ilmenite is a weighting and high-density mineral, somehow that because of it density, it uses in drilling mud as a weighting material. Also, we can name it the most important rock of titanium element and in order to it structure which the mostly made from titanium, it’s a proper source to extract this element and commonly founded in black color. this mineral generally has the formula FeTiO3 and by changing it rock to the powder, has lots of usages in industries with different spec and purities.

Ilmenite Application

Ilmenite in recent decades in drilling industry, as the primary substance for drilling mud, however because of it abrasion with drilling machines, it using was facing to some limitations but now days there is new generation of this mineral and its known with superfine type by particles diameter about 5 micro meter which doesn’t has the last problems and also is a suitable alternative for some other minerals like barite in oil wells drilling because it has more hardness and stick which reduce sag and boost the structure.

Ilmenite Features

Ilmenite explored in the Russia for the first time and had particle size between 30 to 45 micro meter. Also, it has bold role in weighting some materials like drilling fluids or cement with density about 4.7 in different types which all of them are supplying and exporting by our company. Ilmenite also has magnetic feature but for using in different industries, usually taken this feature by reducing magnetic content make this mineral ready to use. This mineral also has other elements like vanadium or scandium which refers to its purity, there are several types for supply.

Ilmenite Specification

Ilmenite for using and several fields and industries requires to pass some multiple tests which are necessary while buying and some of them are like API test and putting it in high pressure and high temperature and also some filtration tests. Ilmenite is exporting by our company to all over the world in variable specifications in many cases like meshing, purity and etc. which supplying by us in variable packing to export to every spot in the world.

ilmenite chart

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