viscosifiers designed to increase the viscosity of water-, oil-, and synthetic-base drilling fluids. We provide a variety of clay, polymer, and biopolymer viscosifiers to improve the hole-cleaning and solids-suspension capabilities of drilling fluids. Drilling fluids should have transport abilities, suspension capabilities and gelatin properties. Viscosifiers are the products that give a drilling fluid these basic rheological properties. These properties may be enhanced with other additives to comprise an engineered fluid solution for each unique drilling situation.
Viscosifiers improve a drilling fluid’s ability to remove cuttings from the wellbore and to suspend cuttings and weight materials during periods of noncirculation. Clays and natural or synthetic polymers are the materials most commonly used as viscosifiers. Operators can adjust the properties of their fluids systems by employing our viscosifiers and suspending agents. These products let drilling teams respond to downhole conditions by altering rheological properties of their drilling fluids or enhancing the low-shear viscosities being employed.