Caustic soda

Turkey Caustic soda

Turkey Caustic soda is an important chemical with wide applications in many industries which known as some other names like sodium hydroxide, lye, caustic and etc in different markets and with have various purities and types in two different shapes liquid and solid is supplying by ATDM company to all over the world. Turkey Caustic soda with general chemical formula NaOH is an alkaline chemical and according to its high PH uses in many fields as PH controller or in drilling mud that it is just a part of this chemical usages. Sodium hydroxide up to 99% purity is supporting by our company in different types and specs and exporting to every spot on the world with the best quality and competitive price.

Caustic soda liquid or solid

Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide which mostly uses in solid shape as the flake type for many industries which has more safety for transporting and shipment and face to less dangerous in compare with the liquid caustic soda. As it bold usages we can mention oil and gas well drilling, drinking water purifying, pulp making, chemical industries and lots of other field which comes in the following. Lye also according to it high effect of alkalinity can be used in soap making or even uses as substance in starch making or rubber recycling, however, caustic soda has various specification and types which all of them are suppling by our company.

Sodium hydroxide usage

Caustic soda in many fields has noticeable usages somehow that the range of it applications is from foodstuffs to chemical making. Lye also is used for aluminum industries, pulping, sewage refinery, rubber bleaching and detergents, water purifying, making tiles, pharmaceutical, ceramics, artificial silks, color making, leather and textiles, cosmetics, glass making, gas and oil industry, batteries, neutralized acids, soft drinks, alcohol making, sugar making, oil industries, polymers, stick industries, disinfectants and lots of other industries which the needed caustic soda is producing by ATDM company and exporting to all over the world.

Caustic soda is dangerous to touch

Caustic soda or sodium hydroxide however doesn’t have any taste, color or odor but must be avoid to touch with skin or eyes because it causes to react and finally hurt or injury on that and this chemical shouldn’t be in touch straightly with body and also some other cases like leathers or animal skins, some metals like aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, zinc, silver, iron and some others according to it chemical reaction between them. Caustic soda also in touch with air will react and lose it quality in long time and should be kept in dry place and far from moisture.

Caustic soda specification

Caustic soda has wide range of specs which for any usages has separated spec and all of them is supporting by ATDM company, however this chemical has the same items between it different types like the alkalinity property that it PH is about 14 which made this chemical an alkaline agent and PH protector in solutions. Caustic soda with having the good solubility in water in about 111 gr in 100 gr water 20 centigrade degree, made this matter an alternative for some other minerals, also by the special gravity (2.1) more than water causes to sedimentation and finally leads to dissolving in the water. lye as it said has the high water attraction and on the other hand it has the boiling point 1390 centigrade degree and this issue causes to be usable in oil and gas wells drilling and made this chemical as a substance of drilling mud.

Caustic soda flakes

Caustic soda is some chemical which doesn’t exist naturally in the nation and comes from some processes in different parities and ATDM company with having related laboratories and machines, can support high capacities with highest purity and quality by competitive price and support inquiries from all over the world. Sodium hydroxide generally made by hydrolysis of NaCl solution and the result of this process is the liquid caustic and after that with adjusting some other reaction, the flake caustic soda will obtain because it used for different industries and the shipment is easier and safe in compare to the liquid one however the liquid lye also has multiple usages in universal markets and both of types is supplying by ATDM company.

Caustic soda Packing and Shipment

Caustic soda since has water attraction and the humidity causes to reduce the quality of this matter, needed to has safe and moisture proof packing and according to this our company has the modern packing machines with ability to support various volume of the customer requests in multiple layer packing’s with strong standards and with different capacities for different markets and also with printing the privet logo on the bags as an option. The provided caustic soda by ATDM with the highest quality, safe packing, affordable price and strongest standards is ready to transfer to any spot on the world.

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), a chemical with high reaction with other matters

Caustic soda as it mentions is an active chemical against some metals and it necessary to avoid to be in touch them. In addition, metals, it can react with organic and inorganic materials like paraffin compositions, strong acids, some plastics and etc and shouldn’t be in touch straightly. Caustic soda since is a chemical which made through the processes can comes with different parities in liquid or flake forms for any usages and all of them is producing by our company and sales in different markets. Sodium hydroxide also is soluble in water and it reaction with water is heated which after react releases amount heating and also the solution has high rang of alkalinity somehow that in some case causes to react and corrosion with some other materials.

Caustic soda

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