Lignite is some immature coal with dark brown color which used in drilling fluid and every water based drilling since many years ago and any type of this mineral supporting and exporting by our company to all over the world. Also this mineral has many branches as lignite powder, clay, sulfonated, potassium type, lignosulfonate and some of others which all of them supplying by ATDM company. this coal according to be immature and exist humidity, is flammable with making a lot soot and also the old plants remains, is seeing on it sometimes.

Lignite usage

Lignite has wide range of usage in oil drilling wells and totally in any water based drilling and uses as PH controller, famous thinner, temperature controller, fluid loss controller, filtration agent, viscosity controller and also compatible with saline solutions and used in some of other industries. the coal with different ranges of purity and types is available for export to all over the world by our company.

lignite Specification

Lignite as it mention about its appearance, has humidity about 60-70 percent naturally and oxidizing by air and with mixing by different elements, selling in variable shapes in the different markets. Since this mineral belongs to coal family, the usage of it in many fields faces to some limitations because of it emissions, however in drilling systems it has a noticeable role which has made this good a necessary substance of drilling mud and refer to project, there are variable specifications with some strong standards like ISO and OCMA or every other valuable certification that customer requires are available.

lignite Packing

Lignite according to it density about 5.1 and with naturally has soft and humid physical structure, mostly packs in 25 kg bags on the wooden pallets with shrinking and it can takes 20 ton in 20 feet container and also it has good resistance against high temperature and safe for shipment and also privet labeling is available on the request and ready to export to every spot in the world by ATDM company.

Technical data and analysis of Lignite

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