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The important of Calcium bromide in drilling

Description the role of Calcium bromide in Drilling, drilling are the result of advanced technology and developments. But in order for them to work properly, they must be kept stable not only on the surface but also deep in the ground. Also, for their useful use, it is important to choose them appropriately for the purpose of use. Therefore, special oil field chemicals such as calcium bromide, zinc bromide and sodium bromide are available. Drilling oil and natural gas wells is the most challenging activity due to high temperature and pressure. Of these, the proper selection of oil field chemicals is important to support cost-effective drilling projects. 

Drilling fluids help a lot in carrying out such drilling activities. They help by containing the pressure, remove the cuttings from the bottom of the well, act as a coolant for the drill bits, exert their pressure on the walls of the wells and thus help in drilling and as a result, they prevent drilling wells from closing prematurely. A. Oil field chemicals should not react chemically with the oil or gas that is to be drilled. Otherwise, it may lead to corrosion. This problem can be solved by adding anti-corrosion additives such as iron oxide which prevents corrosion

important of Calcium bromide solution

The stability of crude oil prices has led to an influx of investments in the oil and gas industry, followed by drilling and production activities as well as idle operations. Clear brine fluids, such as bromide, to protect oil and gas reservoirs and, Additionally, It is used to reduce mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. At combustion temperatures, it is difficult to absorb elemental mercury that is released when coal is burned.

Where is Calcium bromide found?

The chemical formula is CaBr2 because calcium has 2+ charge and bromide has a 1- charge. And Molar mass of calcium bromide= 40.078 g/mol +2*(79.904 g/mol) =199.89 g/mol

According to this matter it is created by responding calcium carbonate CaCO3 and calcium oxide with hydrobromic corrosive for HBr, although Calcium bromide isn’t found in nature.

Calcium bromide chemical formula

Calcium bromide 52% solution is a single salt (CaBr2) clear brine fluid with a density of 1.7 kg per litter. It is containing 52% as calcium bromide in brine fluid.

Cas No: 7789-41-5

Calcium bromide solution 52% min

Calcium bromide 52% solution can be used in two applications-clear brine fluids in oil and gas and as oxidizer for mercury emissions control, more clearly it alone or mix with calcium chloride and/or zinc/calcium bromide to achieve a clear, solids-free fluid over a wide range of densities and crystallization temperatures. And as we said the major used as a completion and workover fluid to control wellbore pressures in upstream oil and gas operations.

Other uses of calcium bromide

According to the chemical formula of Calcium bromide (CaBr2), it is known worldwide as a drilling chemical that is a completion fluid and helps in oil and gas drilling. Calcium bromide liquid form, it serves as an excellent drilling mud that helps balance the unstable strata while drilling oil & gas and prevents intrusion of water that may be encountered while drilling on uneven surfaces.

Its finds other applications in photography, in medicine, in sizing compounds, as a wood preservative, and in flame retardant blends.

Is Calcium bromide soluble in water?

The melting point of it is 730 degrees C ,and its density is 3.35 grams per liter .Also its boiling point is 1935 degree C, and also its soluble in water, methanol, ethanol and acetone, but it is insoluble in organic solvents.

Calcium bromide Technical Specification



Molecular Weight


Cas No.



Transparent Water White Liquid


52% min

Physical State

Heavy Density Liquid


52%by weight CaBr2

Bulk Density

14.2 Ib/gal


Completely Soluble

PH Value


Mol Formula



calcium bromide
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