Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric Acid


Phosphoric acid, with various grades and various applications

phosphoric acid is a white solid which melts at 42.35̊C to form a viscous liquid. In aqueous solution, the acid behaves as a triprotic acid, having three ionizable hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen ions are lost sequentially. Phosphoric acid is not a particularly strong acid as indicated by its first dissociation constant. It is a stronger acid than acetic acid, but weaker than sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Each successive dissociation step occurs with decreasing ease. Thus, the ion H2PO4‾ is a very weak acid, and HPO4 2 ‾ is an extremely weak acid.

Turkey Phosphoric acid used in different fields and industries

Turkey Phosphoric acid is used in fertilizers, soaps and detergents, inorganic phosphates, pickling and rust-proofing of metals, in pharmaceuticals, sugar refining, gelatin manufacturing, water treatment, animal feeds, electropolishing, conversion coatings for metals, dental cements, acid catalysts, in foods and carbonated beverages, and as a laboratory reagent. It is also used in direct acid treatment of metal surfaces, manufacture of fire control agents, antifreeze, catalysts, drilling muds, phosphors, refractories, and dyeing textiles. Phosphoric acid is also registered as a bactericide and disinfectant.

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Phosphoric acid is used to disinfect dairy farm milk handling facilities, equipment and dairy animals, and food processing water systems. It is also used to disinfect food processing/handling areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. It may also be used in eating establishments for sterilizing equipment and utensils. Agriculturally, phosphoricacid is registered as an adjuvant. The chemical formula for phosphoric acid is H3PO4 . As a product, the acid is produced as a concentrated liquid acid as opposed to crystalline form. this acid has a molecular weight of 98.0 grams (g)/mol, and exists in a solid, unstable form that melts at 42.3 degrees Celsius. It readily solublizes in water to form an acidic solution.

Phosphoric acid, the most important oxygen acid of phosphorus

phosphoric acid used as reference was obtained by continuous stirring at room temperature of phosphoric acid with activated carbon of less than 0.15 mm in size, during a whole day. The acid obtained was filtered on paper filter and the above procedure was repeated for five days, until the acid was O.M. free and used as a blank in the UV spectrophotometric the most important oxygen acid of phosphorus, used to make phosphate salts for fertilizers. It is also used in dental cements, in the preparation of albumin derivatives, and in the sugar and textile industries. It serves as an acidic, fruitlike flavouring in food products.

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Phosphoric acid is used primarily in the manufacture of fertilizers, detergents,and pharmaceuticals. In the steel industry, it is used to clean and rust-proof the product. It is also used as a flavoring agent in carbonated beverages (read the ingredients list on a can of Coca-Cola), beer, jams, jellies and cheeses. In foods, phosphoric acid provides a tart, acidic flavor. Is an acid solution used to reduce the pH of water based drilling fluid systems. Phosphoricacid, also called orthophosphoric acid which ATDM company supplies and exports all types of this acid to all international markets.

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phosphoric acid

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