Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is one the most useful mineral which known by man and uses in expanded fields like water-based drilling or even in medicines and lots more which mention in following. Naturally, mostly this mineral seen in shapes of gyps, limestone and marble and according to customer’s request, in different shapes, meshing and other specification supplying and sailing by ATDM company and exporting all over the world. This mineral decomposes in 900 centigrade degrees, uses for many industries specially in drilling as primary substance of drilling mud, drilling limestone or in color making as filler.

Calcium Carbonate Types

Calcium carbonate with general formula CaCO3 is some mineral which finding a lot in crust and extracting in different ways. However, ATDM company owned many mines and factories which ready to support every request from customers or every kind of this mineral and all of these has made our company pioneer in this case. Components that make deference between kinds of this product are some things like purity, whiteness of goods, diameter of bulks, meshing and homogeneity that in all of items, we are ready to supply every specification of them.

Calcium Carbonate packing

Calcium carbonate, since is an important goods which has lots of usages in different fields, by having variable packing types and completely order-able by customer, are proper to transferring and safe for shipment and its variety contains 15 kg bags on wooden pallets to big bags with high capacity and all of them are standard and adaptive with destination’s climate. Calcium carbonate by ATDM company with every type of packing and amount, is exporting to every spot of the world.

Calcium Carbonate Application

Calcium carbonate is common in variable and expanded fields like: ceramics making and tiles, paper making, color making and covering, resin, glue sticks, PVC, pipe making, medicines, wire and cable and lots more. Also, it is an inexpensive mineral in compare with other mineral and it leads to be filler in some industries like color making and according to purity and some other spec, it has different cost.

Calcium Carbonate Specification

Calcium carbonate mostly uses for water-based drilling, soil modification, civil industry, iron extracting, and some other which any of theme need to its special mineral specification, so our company is ready to supply all requirements with expanded level of specifications. For example, the Usual rang of meshing is 400 till 3500 for the mineral, however we can support other the spec that customer needed, also same for bulk diameter, purity and another component refers to customer request which we can send this mineral to everywhere of the world.

calcim carbonate
Calcium Carbonate

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