• drilling mud and it ingredients

    Drilling mud as an important item in drilling industry, plays a bold roll in nowadays drillings and this issue made drilling fluids and it substances a science which has a lot of progresses in recent century. According to the wide applications and importance of drilling mud, our company has stablished based on this and all needed materials related to drilling fluids. Generally drilling muds are based on two types water based and oil based and refer to the drilling type and it dimensions, there are lots of properties and grades which our company basically manufacturing them and exporting to all over the world. Drilling mud has the most usage in oil and gas well drilling and according to this, our company is ready to contract and supply the all requirements for related companies for any drilling types in the world. In the following we mention some of our main products.

    Barite uses as weighting agent in drilling mud

    Barite is one of the most common and high usage mineral with BaSO4 general formula which our company exporting this with any various grads, density, meshing and other specification special for some works like gas and oil drilling, medical and cosmetics, civil and constructions, fluidizing, barium chemicals, ceramics and lots other fields that mention in flowing. However, our most exporting refers to drilling barite which uses to making drilling mud.

    Bentonite, a mineral with high density

    Bentonite with high expanded applications, used in many fields like mineral industries, drilling, refinery, constructions and lots of other various fields that mention in following. Bentonite has some mines in Iran which mostly comes with exfoliation but some time it extracting too. Also this mineral, in order to its large usages, exporting to all over the world by our company in every kind of it.

    Hematite, an economical agent

    Hematite is a common mineral in the crust and has a lot of mines over the world with general formula Fe2O3, and is useful for many industries specially in drilling as high density mineral for using in drilling mud and according to it lower price compare with other mineral, it is the primary substance of lots of other productions. As result, hematite is the most important mineral of iron ore which has different types and specifications that mention in following.

    Lime is a substance for many matterials

    Lime is a kind of mineral which comes from calcium oxide (CaO) and the basic element of this mineral is calcium that has general formula Ca(OH)2 and used in many industries as two types chemical and mineral which has lots of usages in different fields that mention bellowing. Lime has wide applications in drilling industry and its one of the main mineral in water based or oil based drillings which refer to the type of drilling has variable specifications and all of them are supporting by our company and exporting to all over the world. Also one of it usages refers to lime mud which saturated with lime and some other matters like drilling starch, CMC, PAC, KCl, bentonite and some others that all of these indicates its importance.

    starch with wide applications in different industries

    Drilling starch is one of the most common carbohydrates which is insoluble in the water and it has many wide usages in the drilling industry and known as the branch of starch that is manufacturing and exporting to all over the world by ATDM company. Generally starch is a subcategory of polymers and it is available in natural, natural modified and artificial types and this matter is the most important as natural polymer in drilling industry and according that this become one of our basic goods. Drilling starch as it said, has many important usages in drilling fluids and drilling mud like avoiding to waste the mud and making well structure stronger and also high absorbing.

    gypsum, an abundant mineral on the crust

    gypsum actually is the most common mineral of sulfates that it has a lot of mines all over the world, however, according to this capacity, ATDM company is one of the main producer and supplier of this mineral and has lots of market in the world gypsum is a matter with high level of usages which according to the expanded it’s fields, this mineral contains different grades and specs that mention in following.

    Calcium carbonate uses in various fields, specially in drilling mud

    Calcium carbonate is one the most useful mineral which known by man and uses in expanded fields like water based drilling or even in medicines and lots more which mention in following. Naturally, mostly this mineral seen in shapes of gyps, limestone and marble and according to customer’s request, in different shapes, meshing and other specification suppling and sailing by ATDM company and exporting all over the world. This mineral   decomposes in 900 centigrade degrees, uses for many industries specially in drilling as primary substance of drilling mud, drilling limestone or in color making as filler.

    Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) a white powder with high alkalinity

    Carboxymethyl cellulose, also known as CMC which is one the matter with high level of use in broad industries and different fields and all of it types are selling in universal markets by our company. Carboxymethyl cellulose is seen in white or sometimes in fade yellow and also is soluble in water, even in water with low temperature and according to this, it used in variable industries from medicine till drilling and refer to it usage field it has different grades and spec. this matter produced in the Germany for the first time and now days, because of it wide applications, it producing all over the world. The pure CMC is completely without color and smell and also it doesn’t effect on the PH of water.

    Caustic soda uses as a strong PH controller

    Caustic soda is an important chemical with wide applications in many industries which known as some other names like sodium hydroxide, lye, caustic and etc in different markets and with have various purities and types in two different shapes liquid and solid is suppling by ATDM company to all over the world. Caustic soda with general chemical formula NaOH is an alkaline chemical and according to its high PH uses in many fields as PH controller or in drilling muds that it is just a part of this chemical usages. Sodium hydroxide up to 99% purity is supporting by our company in different types and specs and exporting to every spot on the world with the best quality and competitive price.

    Lignite is immature coal

    Lignite is some immature coal with dark brown color which used in drilling fluid and every water based drilling since many years ago and any type of this mineral supporting and exporting by our company to all over the world. Also this mineral has many branches as lignite powder, lignite clay, sulfonated lignite, potassium lignite, lignosulfonate and some of others which all of them supplying by ATDM company. Lignite according to be immature and exist humidity, is flammable with making a lot soot and also the old plants remains, is seeing on it sometimes.

    Ilmenite, the most important iron ore

    Ilmenite is a weighting and high density mineral, somehow that because of it density, it uses in drilling mud as a weighting material. Also we can name it the most important rock of titanium element and in order to it structure which the mostly made from titanium, it’s a proper source to extract this element and commonly founded in black color. Ilmenite generally has the formula FeTiO3 and by changing it rock to the powder, has lots of usages in industries with different spec and purities.

    Walnut shells improve the efficiency of drilling systems

    walnut shells can clear three times the amount of waste before they need to be cleaned. This is possible because walnut shells have the ideal surface structure to filter water through, and their resilience to attrition means that they last longer and provide a level of effluency that is unmatched. Not only do walnut shells make the clean-up easier, they can also be mixed with mud and utilized to resolve circulation and unplug wells in a manner that won’t significantly impact the consistency of drilling fluid.

    Citric acid uses in drilling fluids as an important agent

    Citric acid has many advantages to using in drilling muds and the noticeable part of this acid uses in drilling industry and our company supporting this acid widely in universal markets. This acid exists in tow shapes anhydrous and monohydrate which the main difference is the first one is powder and second one is in liquid shape. Citric acid usually uses as PH controller to reduce the alkalinity and also plays an important role to carry the cuttings and omit the calcium from drilling fluids and many other which mentions in following.

    Soda ash is an economical PH additive

    Soda ash is a strong alkaline with 11.6 PH level, which has multiple tasks in drilling mud and lots of other fields. This chemical according to it high PH mostly uses in drilling systems as the PH controller, reducing calcium and neutralizing the acids and in other word, it keeps the alkalinity of drilling fluid stable. Soda ash also known as sodium carbonate and has several grades for different applications which all of them are manufacturing by ATDM company and exporting all over the world.

    Gilsonite has effective duties in drilling mud

    Gilsonite is effective at sealing off permeable formations even when drilling such zones at a highly overbalanced pressure differential.  In this manner, Gilsonite helps prevent the occurrence of stuck pipe and stuck logging tools across these zones. Gilsonite Natural Asphalt , Natural Bitumen , Hard Asphalt or Hard Asphaltum is used as a performance-enhancing agent for asphalt mixes. Gilsonite-modified paving mixes achieve higher PG grades and incorporate perfectly into the asphalt blend with no need for high shear milling as is the case with many other modifiers.

    iran calcium chloride & general applications

    Calcium Chloride (chemical formula CaCl2) is the ionic compound of calcium and chlorine. It is a salt that behaves as a typical ionic halide, being solid at room temperature and highly soluble in water. Common applications include brine for refrigeration plants, ice and dust control on roads, and desiccation. In the oil industry, Calcium Chloride is used in establishing and maintaining oil and gas wells. It helps well fluids gain needed consistency, increases density and stabilizes shale formations. As a completion fluid it seals well casings and displaces drilling mud. In short, iran Calcium Chloride is used in several applications for new or existing wells to improve efficiency and production. Calcium Chloride Prills are used in gas and oil drilling. It helps keep gases from forming and helps sludge from getting out of hand.

    Sodium chloride is the basic salt in drilling mud

    Sodium chloride has multiple functions in drilling and completion fluids. It is used to increase the fluid density, reduces the freezing point of water base drilling fluids, inhibits hydrate formation, provides shale control. Additionally it can be used as an internal brine for oil or synthetic base drilling fluids to balance formation salinity and avoid osmotic transport. It is used as a base brine for completion and workover fluids. It has advantageous over other divalent brines as it is monovalent and has no precipitation issues.

    Mica has several duties in drilling systems

    mica have been preferably used in water-based and oil based oil-well drillings operations as an additive mud chemical to prevent loss of circulation and seepage. Mica is specially added to seal-off the lost circulation zones. The platy structure of mica facilitates the overlapping of particles to form a layer or wall and acts as a sealent that bridges the openings. The use of mica helps to seal porous formations and contributes to regain circulation keeping the solids in suspension.

    Potassium chloride (KCl) is extremely soluble in water

    Potassium chloride (KCl) is a soluble salt that is an extremely efficient shale stabiliser when drilling hydro sensitive clays and shales. Inhibition is provided through ion exchange; the potassium ion enters between the individual clay platelets in the shale so that they are held together, thus eliminating entry of water from the drilling fluid. Potassium chloride (KCl) powder is a high purity, dry crystalline inorganic salt used to form clear brine used in workover and completion  operations  which  require  densities  raning  from  8.4  to  9.7  lb/gal  (1007  to  1162  kg/m3).

    Sulfuric acid is a strong acid with wide usages

    Sulfuric acid is a colorless oily liquid. It is soluble in water with release of heat. It is corrosive to metals and tissue. It will char wood and most other organic matter on contact, but is unlikely to cause a fire. Density 15 lb / gal. Long term exposure to low concentrations or short term exposure to high concentrations can result in adverse health effects from inhalation. It is used to make fertilizers and other chemicals, in petroleum refining, in iron and steel production, and some times uses as a strong acid in gas and oil well drilling for drilling systems.

    Phosphoric acid, with various grades and various applications

    phosphoric acid is a white solid which melts at 42.35̊C to form a viscous liquid. In aqueous solution, phosphoric acid behaves as a triprotic acid, having three ionizable hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen ions are lost sequentially. Phosphoric acid is not a particularly strong acid as indicated by its first dissociation constant. It is a stronger acid than acetic acid, but weaker than sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Each successive dissociation step occurs with decreasing ease. Thus, the ion H2PO4‾ is a very weak acid, and HPO4 2 ‾ is an extremely weak acid.

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